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IDWeb is a web based module for taking attendance for normally classes, including combined classes, and excursions. There is also an option to have students scan their RFID student card to indicate they are present in a class.

It is primarily for use by teachers but is also intended for use by admin staff, particularly if on the move around the school ground.


Included features are Issuing Uniform Violations, Making a Student Present In Class, Issuing Detentions, Ready To Learn options, Merit Points, Left Class Without Permission, Send To Timeout, Send to Admin Appointments, Send To Admin/Support, Late To School, Early Departure, Explained Absences and viewing a student’s timetable, Attendance Comments, student details, Unmaked Classes, Hand in Assignments, Detention Log, Sickbay Log, Admin Appointment Log, Send SMS To Parents & Staff, Send Email to Parents, Students & Staff, Full Alerts Module, and Sign In/Out of school for teachers, various Reports.
There is also a web based visitor system included (not suitable for phones).


IDWeb may be used on desktop/laptop computers (Windows and MAC), iPads, iPhones, iPod Touch, Android phones and tablets and almost any device with a HTML 5 compliant web browser.

There is also an option included that allows students to log into IDWeb and view their timetable, Attendance Inconsistencies and also any detentions they may have that day, Attendance Inconsistencies and Detentions if the school chooses to allow this.

IDWeb is NOT cloud based. It runs as a web service on your schools intranet and accesses your IDAttend SQL Server database. All data remains within the school, as with IDAttend. If your intranet is secure then so is your IDAttend/IDWeb data and student information.

* If you choose to open port 80 for incoming connections then the school is responsible for any security repercussions that may arise. IDAttend Pty Ltd does not support any misuse, intentional or unintentional, of our products or use contrary to Education Department rules/guidelines.


There are a number of options available for each student from the class attendance screen. Options will vary from school to school, what options are turned on in IDAttend  and the users login rights.


Note: IE8 on workstations is not supported. Later versions of IE, Edge, Chrome, Safari or Firefox are all supported.

It runs as part of the schools intranet, under Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) version 7 or better and requires Microsoft .NET 4.5 or better be installed on the server.
IDWeb can only access an existing IDAttend SQL Server Database.


Note: Windows Server 2003 does not have IIS 7 so Windows Server 2008 or better is required.


IDWeb requires your IDAttend Serial Number in order to work.

The IDWeb User Manual can be viewed here and contains all of the current features supported.

Enquiries regarding obtaining IDWeb should be addressed in the first instance to


ID CardWorld Pty Ltd

Ph: (02)9651-6000



IDAttend Pty Ltd


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